Saturday, September 10, 2011

Better late then never.

Yeah I know I'm a loser, I literally had no reason to not post yesterday other than I didn't feel like it. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, children.

So, Thursday I woke up feeling like death. I had the worse cramps ever because of my monthly visitor. I stayed in bed until my mom came over to ask me if it was time to take me to school yet. She was like "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? WAKE UP. YOU'RE GONNA BE LATE." i was like "I'M DYIIIIIING .." and she was like "oh, please. get up. you're being stupid." but I refused and I ended up staying home :D But now I have a bunch of weekend-homework to make up for monday -.- yipppeeee .

I've literally sat here typing and re-typing this line over & over again with things that I was gonna talk about . But I guess I have writer's block. I have no idea what to write about. Hrm. Wah. Goodnight.

Forever Yours ,
Josefina Del Sol Duarte <3

Friday, September 2, 2011

Zero Tolerance for Indecisiveness

Hellllllo there , beautifuls ! I hope your week was lovely because mine was fine. So , basically theres been a few problems lately . Since we lost spoke , some stuff has happened . 

1 . Drake continues to make me more and more confused . A few days ago , he told me that he wants to remain friends & focus on his school work . The next day , he told EVERYONE that he REALLYREALLY likes me and wished I was his. The day after THAT , he said he likes me "a little" but likes about FIFTY OTHER GIRLS. -___- how annoying. I decided I'm going to stop. This boy changes his mind every other second and I'm not gonna let him be in control of my feelings. It's annoying af and I just wanna live my life.

2. Symphonic Band is back to its suckerness. I'm now at 11th chair out of 14 chairs. And the sad thing is people that I KNOW suck are at a higher chair then me. Wah.

3. I went to this youth group thing on wednesday that reallyreally spoke to me. I'm actually trying to become closer to God, and join "Team Jesus" the way they referred to it. It kinda made me feel bad though because they asked all of us, "Did you come here for Jesus?" and i felt really bad cause I only came because I knew Drake would be there.

4. Remember my "ex-best friend" Matthew that I wasn't really friends with? We're friends again. (: I saw him at the youth group and we started talking again. We're closer than ever. he even said "For a few weeks, I thought you hated me. You'd give me dirty looks a lot!" and i was like "DUDE ! You did too ! I felt really bad cuz I thought we weren't friends anymore.." and he was like "OH HAAYUUL NOO." i love him <3

5. I've been getting more into religion recently..? I'm a Catholic girl, but the youth group I went to was a Baptist church , which I know isn't that different but I'm not really sure anymore. the next day, i went to a different youth group but it was a catholic one and I didn't enjoy it as much. Weird stuff. Hm.

But yes, a lot of weird stuff is going on right now. Tomorrow I'm going to my friends' football game. [My girl friends cheer on the team, and my guy friends play] Sunday, i'm going to one of my new friend's parties. And Monday i'm going to have a summer-type day because its LABOR DAY :D then tuesday back to the torture hole .. YAY LIFE .

 Have a safe weekend ! Hope you have fun , i love you (:

P.S. SHOUTOUT to : B <3 I love you ! You're the only one who actually reads this and then you ask me to elaborate on what I mean in every post (; I hope you actually read this one and feel special . Niffs&Yiffs fo life !<33

Forever Yours ,
Josefina Del Sol Duarte <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yay Life.

So, I haven't posted in what feels like forever, I've been really busy with school & stuff so i'm probably only gonna be posting once a week <|3

But updates :

-I still haven't gotten over Drake. lol, I'M A LOSER <3

-there's this one STUPIDFREAKINGIRL who is starting rumors that me & my friend are gonna jump her and a bunch of other lies. really really annoying. like, you have no idea. 

-Symphonic band has actually gotten better. I used to be 10th chair out of 14 but now I'm 5th chair!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH , so exciting ! :D

-I despise school. Immensely.

-I'm trying to make this post as long as possible ..

-My ex-best friend Matthew has been ignoring me lately. I really don't want to use the term ex-best friend because I'm not really sure if him and I are still friends. We don' even talk anymore when we used to talk EVERYDAY & i feel like he replaced me with his new friends. we've been giving eachother dirty looks all the time lately for no reason and I've said a total of about 10 words to him since school has started.

-I hate drama. Just to let you know.

 My life is pretty busy with STUPID STUFF . AND I'M REALLY BORED RIGHT NOW SO AH. I was going to post yesterday because I was really mad and felt like ranting but I decided not to. I love you all. Have a fun weekend.

Forever Yours,
Josefina Del Sol Duarte <3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I feel like a bad parent

No post today. Really busy. I guess you can count this one. But I wouldn't. Sorrrry ! I realied how much times I mention that nobody read this but I'll do it once more: It probably shouldn't matter because no one sees this anyways. /: OHKAY ANYWAYS, BYE.

Forever Yours, [except today because I'm busy x10 ]
Josefina Del Sol Duarte <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Madness

I only use the word madness to catch you, my first day of school was pretty fine. I saw a lot of people. Met some new people. So far my favorite class is Research which sounds REAALLY boring but it's actually just the school's news network. My teacher is hilarious and I love her. All my other classes seem pretty good. C Lunch has turned out not to be that bad since I have a bunch of my friends in it. I miss a lot of people that I don't get to see a lot but I'll eventually find a way to see some old friends. Basically, things have been going smoothly.

Update on things with Drake - Yesterday I saw him at the end of the day, I smiled at him and he looked away and frowned, leaving me puzzled and trying to find an explanation. Today, he was passing by and I looked at him, he immediately looked away and walked faster. My first thought, "Wtf.." My second thought, "Maybe he's just shy..?" but Drake is not a shy guy. So I ask my good old friend Sebastian, "Soooo.. does Drake still like me..?" Sebastian's reply, "No. :( He likes Chrystal." my veryveryvery first thought, "DIE, CHRYSTAL DIE." To explain this, [in short] EVERY SINGLE GUY I HAVE EVER LIKED IN MIDDLE SCHOOL , HAS LIKED CHRYSTAL. THIS GIRL IS LIKE 5 INCHES SHORTER THAN ME, IS A STICK [no offense to skinny girls, but this girl is just too skinny and he no curves anywhere.] AND HER HAIR ALWAYS LOOKS GREASY. WHYWHYWHYWHWHYHWYHYWHWYWHWEKWASDHF;KJL ? 

Anyways, I just said thanks to Sebastian and logged off and listened to some sad music then took a shower because showers make me feel better. So yes, I've come to the remembrance that Drake is stupid. I knew this before, and I have no idea why I had forgotten it. Me just being my stupid self. Yay life.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, when I got home from school I had a huuuge headache and I tried to just ignore it and carry on but it got to the point where the back of my eyeballs hurt and my eyebrows did too. The top of my head ached and I was just like Aggh . My chest felt weird so I started to walk to the bathroom and then a huge splurge of throw up came out of my mouth so I ended up just puking in the toilet for five minutes. Then I went to go get some cereal. Since I'm not even 5 feet, I have to get on my tippy toes and hit the cereal box so that it'll fall down into my hands , but instead of falling down into my hands the cereal came down and hit me in the face. Then I just quietly ate my cereal in agony , told my mom to please put my laundry in the dryer and fold it while I went to bed. She agreed and that is how my night ended.

Once again, to the none of you who read this [maybe someone does? I don't know where to check..] sorry for not posting. I will maybe post again tomorrow. Thanks & good night. (:

Forever Yours,
Josefina Del Sol Duarte <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

School & Other Annoying Things

Alright so school starts on Monday, normally I'd be super excited but this year I just feel kind of sick. I mean, I'm going into 7th grade as you probably know if you follow [which, you obviously don't because I have no followers and no one is reading this post anyway] but, I'm in the band & instead of being in Concert Band, which is 7th grade band, I'm going to being in Symphonic Band which is 8th grade band. I was all excited because I was like "Yay, I'm actually good enough to be in the best band." but the excitedness wore off yesterday when I went to pick up my schedule. Not only am I going to be having band with the eighth graders, but I'm also going to be having LUNCH with the eighth graders.

Lunch with the eighth graders does not sound fun. I hate a lot of the eighth graders because most of them are douchebags and annoying. I wanna have lunch with my friends and have fun with people. But no, I'm only having B Lunch [7th grade lunch] on Tuesdays. Leaving me behind on everything happening and not being able to see my crush or any other of the people who matter to me.

And I feel like this whole lunch thing ruined my whole year. Like, I feel like its not just that i'm having lunch with the eighth graders, I feel like I'm going to BE in the eighth grade. Because I have not a lot of friends in my classes, so I'm not gonna see my friends a lot, and I'm not gonna have lunch with them either. So what does that mean? I'm not gonna see them. Who am I gonna see more often? The freaking eighth graders. Unless I'm taking this all of of proportion, which I probably am. Whatever. I hope its not as bad as I think it will be.

Oh & I forgot to mention the fact that I have no idea what I'm gonna wear on the first day of school. Yeah I know that sounds kinda stupid like, "Omg! What am I gonna wear!" but , I usually have these things planned out like a week in advance. I didn't get as many clothes as I usually do and I don't wanna be stuck wearing the things that I always do.

But yeah, those are the things I wanted to talk about today. Hopefully I can get over the pre-school jitters soon ? That sounded extremely stupid but guess who doesn't care? Yeah.. this post was by far my worst post yet, but once again.. guess who doesn't care.

New post tomorrow, or Monday. Most likely monday to inform you of my first day (:

Forever Yours,
Josefina Del Sol Duarte <3